Шоу-програма англійською мовою між десятикласниками.

We welcome you to the show “Who’s on the top?”! Who is smarter – men or women? For thousands of years, the humanity has been searching for an answer to this philosophical question. But today we will see that girls are not only the most charming half of the humanity, but also the smartest one. Teams will go through seven rounds, for which they can get 1 point each time. At the end of each round, you can get an extra point by answering the bonus question correctly. The winner will get a button at the end of the round. The pupils of the 10-A and the 10-B forms of Communal Institution of General Secondary Education of I-III degrees “Lyceum of Varva №2” have participated in the game. Both teams were active and smart! Everyone has had a good time during the show. We are grateful to everyone who has done his best to prepare this beautiful party. But the participants of the team A form are the strongest! Congratulations! Welcome the new academic year with new energies and new hope. Thank you for your attention!

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